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We can offer an appointment with a trained and understanding specialist who works from each of our shops once a week.

Bloom Hearing is a national business providing private hearing care for you and your loved ones.

If you are concerned about your hearing, please contact us at Bennett and Rogers and we will forward your details to your own hearing specialist who will contact you for a convenient appointment and to have a chat.

When you see your specialist, a free hearing test screening will be performed. It is completely painless, simple and non-invasive.
This approximately 10-minute test is the first step in assessing your hearing.

A simple 3-step test

Your hearing specialist will begin by looking inside both of your ears with an otoscope to check their condition.

You will listen to a series of tones and sounds at varying pitches and volumes played to each ear to test the level of your hearing.

Following your test, your hearing specialist will discuss the results with you and answer any questions you may have.

Free fitting session

If your test results indicate you would benefit from hearing amplification, your hearing specialist will suggest suitable models.

The test fitting takes approximately 15 minutes. Your hearing specialist will use advanced computer software to adjust the settings on the selected hearing devices to meet your personal needs.

During the fitting, your hearing specialist will ensure the devices and sound are comfortable, and fitted to your ears and lifestyle.

After trying the hearing aids, we will ask you for your first impression and feedback.

The information gathered through our discussions, the questionnaire, the hearing test and your trial experience will help you and your hearing specialist choose the right device.

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Your hearing specialist will show you how the devices work in different acoustic environments and connect to several sources, including telephones, mobiles and TV, wirelessly.

You will get the chance to see how they improve your hearing, how they feel in your ear, and to experience a whole new world of sound.

Your personal bloom™ solution

If you choose to purchase hearing devices, we will order them for you.

Depending on the technology type, the hearing specialist will take impressions of your ears or select ear tips to customize the fit.

At your next appointment, you will receive the devices and have them fitted to your personal profile.  We will then make a follow up appointment for fine-tuning.

Follow up and care

For first time hearing device users, it is completely normal – and somewhat expected – to hear more sounds than usual. The brain needs a little time to ‘relearn’ new sounds, a process called acclimatization.

We will make sure to provide you with the best hearing devices and all the support you need as you get used to the new sounds around you.

Our hearing specialists use several techniques to help you acclimatize, and we will work together as you get used to better hearing.

Free aftercare for life

Our relationship does not end after your hearing devices have been successfully fitted. bloom™ hearing specialists have a policy to provide continued aftercare, including regular hearing aid service appointments, throughout the life of your hearing aids – all free of charge.

We encourage you to come back to discuss your hearing and hearing devices to make sure you get the most out of a new world of sound.

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