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About Bennett & Rogers practice in Budleigh

Opened in 1984

Our Budleigh branch is located in one of the oldest buildings in town, part of which is in the local museum



Our Budleigh branch was formerly a gift shop and is one of the oldest buildings in the town; so old in fact, part of one of its walls is featured in the local town history museum.

At our Budleigh branch, you will find a team of long-serving, friendly faces. And it’s not just our staff who have become familiar, but some of our patients too. We value our loyal patients extremely highly and feel privileged to be part of such a strong, traditional community.

Situated in a twee seaside town, every day in our practice is completely different to the previous. We’re always delighted to welcome both regular and new patients of all ages and are often lucky enough to spend some time with individuals simply visiting our beautiful town.

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