Women having an eye examination at Bennett & Rogers

Eye Examination at Bennett & Rogers

Visit one of the only opticians in Devon to offer a choice of eye examinations, each tailored to your individual needs

When you have your eyes tested, you’re probably used to the standard tests.


What if you could choose a more extensive check-up, covering even more aspects of your vision?

At Bennett and Rogers we appreciate that you want to be in control of the eye examination you receive, you’re simply relying on us to deliver it with first class standards. For that reason we have worked hard to put together two different types of eye test, so that you can choose the examination you receive.

Our ‘Standard’ eye examination includes:

  • An assessment of your medical history and any recent symptoms you may be experiencing. Our ‘Premium’ eye examination is our most popular test. It includes all of the above, plus:

  • A full eye examination to the latest clinical standards

  • Retina and intraocular pressure checks to ensure the general health of your eyes is good

  • Retinal photography – this is a photograph of the back of your eye, allowing us to build up a valuable visual record of your eyes.

NEW in Sidmouth
We are now able to offer an extra detailed OCT scan of your eyes which can help to identify problems earlier or can give more peace of mind. Please mention your interest when you book in.

Once your eye examination is over, you’re in for a treat. One of our fully qualified dispensing opticians (someone who is trained to offer advice and guidance regarding eyewear) will show you our impressive range of spectacle frames, lens options and contact lenses. We will even happily order you in a specific frame if we don’t have the colour/shape/design you were after.