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Children's Eyecare

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Are my children's eye tests free? 

Yes! The NHS pays the Optician for eye tests up to the age of 16 (19 if in full-time education). Bennett & Rogers also offer ‘free’ specs to children with the option to upgrade if you choose to.

You will not know for sure unless your child has an eye exam! However, signs you may notice can include;

•    headaches, 
•    tired eyes, 
•    frowning, 
•    difficulties reading the board, 
•    learning difficultie or

      short attention span,

•    dislike of bright conditions, 
•    rubbing eyes frequently,
•    covering or closing one eye,
•    turning one eye in or out

contact-free eye exams
When should my child's eyes be checked?

Certainly before starting school. Sooner if any of the above signs are observed. Thereafter as recommended by your Optician. This will generally be advised as 2 year intervals if there are no concerns or sooner if your child is advised to have spectacles or is borderline. A child’s eye is developing quickly and generally changes more often than a mature eye.

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It’s a great idea for your child to accompany you when you have your eyes tested prior to their own visit or maybe book an appointment for yourself then your child on the same day, Every child is different, we adapt the tests according to his or her needs and abilities and make their visit pleasant and fun. No difficult questions, doesn’t hurt and a test is relatively quick and easy to undertake. Unable to read letters – no problem, we can use pictures and shapes. Besides checking your child’s vision we will also carry out tests checking muscle balance, a ‘lazy’ eye and general ocular health

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