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Hearing Care

Because all your senses matter

Father and Son wearing hearing aids
Hearing test in East Devon

Many people will experience hearing loss at some point in their lives. It can have a huge impact on an individual's work and family life, making things they once enjoyed much more difficult. Many people suffer in silence when a simple hearing test could make all the difference. At Bennett & Rodgers, our team of hearing professionals will be able to diagnose a wide range of hearing loss issues through our testing process.

With branches in Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth, Axminster and Seaton, our professional service is on hand whenever you might need it.

Wax removal in East Devon

The build-up of wax in our ear canal is a leading cause of hearing loss. It can easily be removed, and doing so can have a positive impact on someone's quality of life. At Bennett & Rodgers, our ear wax removal service takes care of your excess ear wax, improving your hearing quality. If you use a hearing aid, or find you're particularly prone to ear wax build-up, then an annual check-up can make all the difference.

Female wearing discreet hearing aids
Why book a hearing test?

Too many people put up with hearing loss until they find it's having a very negative impact on their lives. If you're experiencing difficulties at work, at home or in your social life, then a free hearing test can find the cause of the problem. Booking your hearing test is the first step towards renewed confidence in your hearing.

Our hearing care professional, Seamus McKenna, is an excellent communicator and can help determine the cause of your hearing loss, and if necessary find the right hearing aid solution for you. At Bennett & Rodgers, your hearing aid comes with up to a 5-year warranty, and lifetime aftercare, so your hearing aid will remain effective for years to come.

Why not book your hearing test today and take the first step towards better hearing today?

Book hearing Test
Hearing care services in Devon

Have you noticed a change to your hearing? Are you struggling to hear as clearly and wonder whether you have any hearing loss?

You are only one step away from getting the answers and any help you need.

Our hearing care services include:​

Free hearing assessments

Earwax removal

Hearing devices

Tinnitus management

Live demonstrations

4-year aftercare service

Repairs and servicing

Home visits

Your audiologist


Seamus studied at Mary Hare in Newbury, qualifying as a Hearing Aid Dispenser in 2018. He previously worked for Devon County Council sourcing domiciliary care for Social Services. He enjoys his role and does it with great enthusiasm. Seamus brings a new set of skills to the practice, he is an excellent communicator, especially with the elderly and frail. He is known for his calm, patient approach. 


Health & Personal:

In his leisure time, Seamus is a music producer and is intrigued by the study of sound. He also enjoys going for walks with his partner Emma and their new beagle puppy, Albi, who is a very energetic little soul.

Seamus McKenna

Hearing Aid Audiologist (RHAD) HCPC registered

Your audiologist


Rita qualified as an Audiologist in 2016, with a BSc Degree in Audiology from Porto in Portugal. Since qualifying, Rita has been working in private health care and the NHS in the UK.  


Rita decided to become an Audiologist when growing up as she accompanied family members to the audiology department for hearing rehabilitation. Rita herself was diagnosed with a central auditory processing disorder that through the help of audiologists and speech therapists has improved so she is empathetic to the challenges that hearing loss can bring. Rita’s personal experience sparked her passion for helping patients in improving their quality of life through hearing. 


Rita is also trained in microsuction from Aston University and has been a clinical lead within the audiology field

Health & Personal:

In her free time, Rita enjoys surfing, cooking, travelling and spending time with loved ones.

Rita Silva.jpg

Rita Silva

Hearing Aid Audiologist (RHAD) HCPC registered

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